Thursday, February 9, 2012

The next “C” subject is “Charging”

After cleansing your materials, whatever they may be, you may then charge them. Charging simply means to impart your personal energy and your intent or goal of your spell to the physical components you will be using for that spell. It is rather like charging your batteries. For me personally, I usually feel the need to charge myself every year at the ocean. I will go in the month of September to Hampton Beach in NH and walk the beach bare foot and feel the waves rushing over my feet. I feel the waves rush back out taking the sand with it from underneath me, like an undulating dance between me, the Earth, the sky, the air and the water. I breathe in the air through my nose and exhale from my mouth, so as to take in the good and out with the bad. I will either do this early in the morning, or just at dusk, depending on my mood. I would ask the elements to strengthen me. In return for their blessing, I try very hard to live green, I try to be a little kinder to others, be they animal, man etc. Once I feel that strength flowing through me, I will step away from the ocean and just walk around taking in the sights.
As to charging other materials, I have read that there are a few ways you could charge items. I know that when I made my ritual rain water a couple of years ago, the instructions I followed directed me to leave my rain water that I had collected, strained and jarred outside until the full moon. In another book, the same one that I used for last week’s topic, you can charge your items by holding them in your hands, clearing your mind, and focusing your energy into the object. After you feel that you have sent enough energy to that object, put it down and withdraw from it. Or, if you have a specific task for your object, instead of clearing your mind, visualize what you’d like your spell’s desired goal to be. Then once you feel you have sufficiently charged your item, put it down and walk away from it.
The one very important thing to remember is this: one must also give back if favors are asked for. It is all a matter of reciprocation. It is up to the individual to decide what to give in return for favors granted.
Blessed Be, Gentle Readers

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