Sunday, April 1, 2012

Graveyard Dirt

When my father passed away, my mother wanted to go back to Long Island NY to visit her mother’s grave site. It was her wish to gather some of the dirt from her resting place and have it buried with her when she passed as well. We had always talked about it, but my mother had become fearful of driving, and of long drives. It was hard to get her to go out as the years went on. When we did go out, she could barely get around. When she passed away in January of this year, I decided that I would take the long trip to Long Island and get the graveyard dirt she so wanted. The drive took 3 hours, and it was a lovely ride. I could see why she loved it so much, and I realize now how very much she missed it. I took my boys with me, and they enjoyed the ride as much as I did! 

So, when I went to the graveyard where my grandmother, my mother’s mother lay, there was no intent other than to fulfill my mother’s wish. As I began my research for this topic, I did not realize that if I wanted to use this for spells and such that I needed to ask the spirit for permission and leave gifts after I was finished. When I was there, I noticed that the other gravesites were decorated with wreaths. My grandmother’s was not. I was saddened by this. As I knelt at her headstone, I brushed the dead leaves away and just looked at it. I listened to the wind blowing through the trees. I felt as if it was all right for me to be there. I told my grandmother that I was there because of mom’s wish. I didn’t feel anything malevolent or oppressive; I just felt a sense of peace. I then took the small paper bag out of my jacket pocket and took a couple of handfuls. I had read somewhere that it was best when collecting anything, whether it is specifically for spell work or just to have, always use paper, glass, or natural fibers. Anyway, after I completed this task that I set for myself, I sat back and just took in the peacefulness of the graveyard. We then began the long drive back to home. After we got home, I placed the bag on my stove so that the dirt would dry overnight. When it was dry, I took some of it and put it into an empty glass spice jar, unfortunately it had a plastic lid, but the spice jar symbolizes the love of cooking and creativity that my mother and I shared. Added to the soil was a leaf from the last flowers I got her while she was in the hospital. I always bought her a rose on my birthday thanking her for my safe delivery and raising me. I also included a note on the card from the flowers and sealed the jar. It will be included when my mother is finally laid to rest next to my father. My next goal is to find the grave sites of my two sisters who passed before me as babies, as well as my great-grandmother. I think that my mother would be happy having her family close to her.

My grandmother Dolumba.

On the ride home, I stopped to view the Bayside Marina. I wondered if my mother ever went there.

Another view of the Marina. Beautiful.

The seagulls were very obliging.

So, graveyard dirt can be used in spells, either malevolent or for benevolent uses. It can be used for very powerful protection spells. Some like to gather the dirt from the head, heart and feet of the grave site. Some like to gather the dirt deeper from the surface. For protection spells, it is said that the best is from your ancestors, from those who loved you in life, and love you still even after they have passed. For the darker spells it is said that one must gather the dirt from those that did harm in life. Personally, I would not want to do that. Everyone’s path is different, and one must choose what is right for them. If I wanted to use the dirt in spells at all, I would use my ancestors. They protected and loved us in life, so it stands to reason that they would aid us even in the beyond. What do you think?