Sunday, February 26, 2012


My second D post has been very difficult. I wanted to do it on several topics, but none have really spoken to me. So, I decided to research gemstones that began with the letter D instead. I chose Dravite, as it seems that it aids in grounding, it calms, soothes and stabilizes. It is a brown variety of tourmaline, and not very pretty, but then, appearances are always deceiving, aren’t they? Since I have been feeling very unsettled lately, I felt that this was an appropriate subject to research.
Dravite is associated with the Heart and Root Chakra; its elements are Earth and Storm. Its zodiac is Aries, but according to one website, it is also helpful for Pisces and Cancer. Its energies are power and love. The stone is protective as well, promotes stability and practicality. I will definitely have to look for this gemstone.
The sites I went to for information:

Disclaimer: The websites I have used provide information only. Do not use this information in place of a doctor’s care.

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