Saturday, March 31, 2012


My interpretation of a familiar is an animal that has a connection with its human, psychic or otherwise.  I have two pugs and one VERY old (16 years old on April 1). My two boys, whom I have briefly spoken of in previous posts, are very sensitive. As I said in previous posts, they seem to sense a presence in the apartment in which we now reside. At times, they seem comfortable, stretching out wherever they want. At other times, they are right next to me, Duke at my feet, and Joker attempting to crawl in my lap. Or, when it is time for bed, Joker will sleep right up against me facing the doorway, while my Duke will either sleep on the floor next to the bed, or right in front of the doorway. My Furball kitty seems to be the guardian kitty, wandering from room to room, checking out the little nooks and corners of our little domicile. 

In the past, it was said that the use of Familiars was used for evil, for aid in carrying spells against others. Familiars could be anything from animals, reptiles and insects. We know the truth, and that is that our animal friends are beneficial to us in many ways. They sense and can warn us of danger as we go about our daily lives and during our rituals. As I sit here typing this, my boys are peacefully sleeping at my feet. There seems to be nothing to fear on this night.

Joker, My cuddly guardian!

Duke, my other guardian camped out by the bedroom door!

Furball Kitty, take a few years ago at the other house.

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