Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am intentionally late for this particular post, with good reason. I had been planning a day trip to Hampton Beach in New Hampshire all week, as I had been keeping an eye on the weather reports. It was supposed to be a fantastic day today, with temperatures in the 50’s, and it was gorgeous! The reason for the trip was threefold. 1: I have been extremely unsettled for several weeks now, and just walking with the boys on the mountain wasn’t cutting it for me. 2: I needed to gather materials that I could only get from the beach. 3: I have always felt better when I reconnected with the ocean.

I know that several others have written about the Elements, (and beautifully written, I might add.) but, this is my interpretation of the Elements.

I needed to connect with ALL of the Elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water. At the beach, I can do all of that. I feel the wind blowing, the sand beneath my bare feet, the warmth of the Sun, and the rushing waves crashing against me. All of the Elements are working together harmoniously. 

Today, I gathered only what I needed. I stood in front of the ocean, just breathing and feeling. I really had no conscious thoughts; I just tried to clear my mind. Then I turned around and set my backpack down, and took off my shoes and socks, rolled up my pant legs. I then took out a canning jar and removed the lid and began to wade out into the ocean. I stood for a few moments and waited.  A seagull flew over me. I felt that I was receiving permission to gather some of the sea water, which I did. I walked back to my pack, sealed the jar and placed it in my pack. I then sat down on the sand and just absorbed the sights and sounds. People were walking their dogs, riding their horses, or just holding each other. It was very peaceful. I then took out another jar, and gathered some beach sand. I need that to line my cauldron so I can safely utilize it when I perform rituals that involve fire. I then got up, still bare foot, and started to walk down the beach. I felt a real connection then, and every once in a while, I would find a stone or a shell that would call to me and I would gather those too. But, what I was really looking for was a seagull feather, for that to me symbolizes Air, and it would be the final Element that I was looking for. As I was walking along, I said to myself out loud “What would make this perfect is if I could find a feather from a seagull, if it is allowed.” About five minutes later, I found two small feathers, one white, the other a gray one. The gray feather was over a small stone, also gray in color which I picked up as well. I will be using these items to finally complete my altar, which is residing in my bedroom. 

I am feeling much better now that I have made the trip, and I will be making it a little more often now.





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